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Lodi woman charged with petit larceny after investigation

Seneca County Sheriff Tim Thompson reported that deputies arrested Christine A. Federico, 40, on May 17 at 1:39 p.m. Federico, a resident of Lodi was charged with petit larceny, a class A misdemeanor. The arrest ... more

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Newark man arrested for DWI in Marion

The Wayne County Sheriff's Office arrested Roberto Lara-Gutierrez, 24, of Newark, following a traffic stop in the Town of Marion. Deputies pulled Lara-Gutierrez over for an inadequate headlamp and determined he was driving while intoxicated ... more

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Police: Canandaigua woman arrested after attempted stabbing

Police say one person was taken into custody on serious charges in the city of Canandaigua after an attempted stabbing. The City of Canandaigua Police Department arrested Sherlla D. Denis, 40, for attempted assault after ... more

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Skeletal remains found in Newark: Police investigation underway

The Newark Police Department is investigating after human remains were found by a surveying crew in the village. According to a news release, the crew working discovered 'skeletal remains' during the afternoon hours on Union ... more

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Traffic stop in Owasco leads to DWI arrest

A traffic stop by the Cayuga County Sheriff’s Office resulted in the arrest of Andrew P. Victoria for Driving While Intoxicated. The incident occurred around 3:57 p.m. after a deputy observed Victoria’s vehicle fail to ... more

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Ithaca elementary school repairs will exceed $168K after police chase, crash into building

The Ithaca City School District (ICSD) will incur costs exceeding $168,000 to repair Fall Creek Elementary after a police chase in February ended with a parked car crashing through an exterior wall. Initial estimates were ... more

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Marion man charged with DWI after crash

The Wayne County Sheriff’s Office reported the arrest of Marc A. Santiago, 23, of Smith Road, following a motor vehicle collision in the Town of Marion. Santiago was charged with Driving While Intoxicated, Driving While ... more

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Ontario County Sheriff’s Office launches “Handle with Care” registry: How does it work?

The Ontario County Sheriff’s Office announced the launch of the “Handle with Care” Registry to better assist first responders in addressing the unique needs of individuals with conditions such as Autism, Down Syndrome, Alzheimer’s, Dementia, ... more

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Former Macedon Police Chief pleads guilty to DWI after crash, second incident in personal vehicle

Fabian Rivera, former chief of the Macedon Police Department, pleaded guilty on May 1 to driving while intoxicated in both Walworth and Macedon on November 20. The plea was entered in Walworth Town Court. Rivera's ... more

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Multiple police agencies in Tompkins County make series of arrests after 8-hour GIVE operation

Deputies from the Tompkins County Sheriff's Office, in collaboration with a member of the Tompkins County Probation Department, conducted an 8-hour operation under the Gun Involved Violence Elimination (GIVE) program, resulting in multiple arrests in ... more

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Deputies: Galen woman damages cell phone, violates court order during dispute

The Wayne County Sheriff's Office reports the arrest of a Galen woman following an investigation into a domestic incident. According to a news release, Tiana Labombard, 31, was arrested for criminal mischief and criminal contempt ... more

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Canandaigua man accused of sending explicit, inappropriate messages to third party

The Ontario County Sheriff's Office reports the arrest of a Canandaigua man following an investigation into family trouble. According to a news release, Gregory Cooper, 54, was arrested for unlawful dissemination of an intimate image ... more

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Auburn man arrested for DWI after traffic stop in Owasco

On May 18 around 3:57 p.m., the Cayuga County Sheriff’s Office arrested Andrew P. Victoria of Auburn for driving while intoxicated following a traffic stop in the Town of Owasco. Sheriff Brian Schenck reported that ... more

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Penn Yan man faces felony menacing charge after brandishing knife during incident

Robert J. Murk, 58, of Penn Yan, was arrested by Penn Yan Police after a physical dispute in the village. The incident occurred at 8:44 PM, during which Murk allegedly brandished a serrated knife at ... more

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Rochester man accused of stealing steaks from Sodus grocery store

The Wayne County Sheriff’s Office reported the arrest of Ricky L. Jackson, 57, of Rochester, following a larceny investigation in the Village of Sodus. Jackson was charged with Petit Larceny after allegedly stealing multiple steaks ... more

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Sterling sex offender held on $10,000 bail after failing to register

Robert J. O’Connor, 33, of Sterling, was arrested by the Cayuga County Sheriff’s Office on May 15, 2024, for failing to comply with the New York State Sex Offender Registry requirements. O’Connor, a Level 3 ... more

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Deputies: Marion man arrested for DWI after crash in Victor

Authorities in Ontario County arrested a Marion resident for DWI after an investigation into a single-car crash. Tyler Joseph Conger, 28, of Marion, was arrested for driving while intoxicated following a single-vehicle crash on High ... more

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Rochester man arrested for identity theft in Ontario County

Authorities took a Rochester man into custody for violating an active court order and identity theft, according to the Ontario County Sheriff's Office. Deputies arrested Zachari D. James, 26, of Rochester, at Barth Towing and ... more

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INSIDE THE FLX: Sheriff Schenck talks work zone safety after deadly incidents (podcast)

On this episode of Inside the FLX we're talking about the work being done by law enforcement to curb work zone incidents, like the two fatal ones that happened in recent days across the region ... more

/ Josh Durso

Auburn police warn of uptick in scam activity around city: Here’s what to watch for

The Auburn Police Department has alerted the community to be cautious of a surge in scams targeting local residents. In a news release on Wednesday, the department highlighted an uptick in common scams involving phone ... more

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Junius man arrested for animal cruelty; dog removed from home due to severity of injuries

Seneca County Sheriff Tim Thompson reported that Timothy M. Tandle, 41, was arrested on May 2 at 9:30 a.m. for animal cruelty. The arrest occurred when deputies discovered an injured dog while attempting to serve ... more

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