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Police: Seneca Falls man found to be drunk after traffic stop

Police arrested a Seneca Falls man for DWI following a traffic stop on Wednesday. John Bilia, 53, was stopped on Fall Street after he failed to use a turn signal twice while operating a vehicle ... more

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21-year-old Pittsford man admits to threatening Jewish Center at Cornell University

A 21-year-old Cornell University student, Patrick Dai, has been arrested after a federal complaint accused him of making threats against the university’s Jewish community. During a recorded interview with a Joint Terrorism Task Force agent ... more

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Cornell student detained after threats to Jewish community

Patrick Dai, a Cornell University junior, will remain incarcerated pending further court proceedings due to charges of making interstate threats against Jewish students. Dai, who faced a federal judge in Syracuse while dressed in an ... more

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Watkins Glen PD issues alert after vehicle break-in attempts

The Watkins Glen Police Department is cautioning locals against a wave of attempted break-ins in the residential areas of the village. Officials have reported multiple incidents where unknown individuals have tried to enter homes, and ... more

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Wolcott man charged after vehicle abandoned following crash in Wayne County

Deputies say a Wolcott resident has been arrested after an abandoned vehicle investigation in Wayne County. Thomas Kirsch, 27, of Wolcott was charged with unauthorized use of a motor vehicle. Deputies were called to South ... more

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Police search for man with semi-automatic handgun in area of Cornell campus

Cornell University and the Ithaca Police Department are conducting an intensive search for an unidentified man reportedly seen with a semi-automatic handgun near the Cornell campus. The incident, which occurred in the 500 block of ... more

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Waterloo woman threatened to kill another person, violating court order

The Seneca County Sheriff's Office has confirmed the arrest of Emily J. Trahms, 33, following a reported domestic disturbance in the early hours of Sunday. Deputies responded to a complaint at approximately 3:18 a.m. at ... more

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Deputies: Farmington teen charged with contempt after violating court order

Deputies arrested a Farmington teen following a family trouble complaint during the late-evening hours on Tuesday. Dominic Rivera, 18, was arrested for second-degree criminal contempt after violating a court order. Additional details about the incident ... more

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Deputies: Canandaigua man put kids in danger during family dispute

Deputies arrested a Canandaigua resident following an investigation into a family incident. On October 30 during the evening hours, Tori Jesmer, 43, of Canandaigua is said to have gotten into a physical disturbance with family ... more

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Shortsville man faces multiple charges after pointing gun at person during incident

Deputies arrested a Shortsville man following an incident on Tuesday. Around 10:20 a.m. deputies arrested Carl Daldry, 53, of Shortsville for menacing and three counts of criminal possession of a weapon. He's accused of pointing ... more

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Inmate charged with assaulting officer and contraband possession in Cayuga County Jail

Cayuga County Sheriff Brian Schenck announced the arrest of an inmate for assaulting a custody officer at the Cayuga County Jail. The incident occurred as the officer was conducting routine rounds on October 24 when ... more

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Ithaca identifies police chief finalists: Public forum set for Nov. 2

The City of Ithaca has named John Poleway and Thomas Kelly as the two final candidates for the position of chief of police. A community meet-and-greet is scheduled for November 2, allowing residents to interact ... more

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Newark man charged with harassment, unlawful imprisonment after holding woman against her will

The Wayne County Sheriff's Office has apprehended 19-year-old Michael A. Bradshaw of Newark on multiple charges following a domestic incident. Bradshaw faces two counts of second-degree harassment, two counts of endangering the welfare of a ... more

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Cement truck driver causes crash, leaves scene before police arrive: One hospitalized after Ontario wreck

A three-vehicle collision at the intersection of State Route 104 and Lincoln Road sent one woman to the hospital, according to the Wayne County Sheriff's Office. The crash occurred when a cement truck abruptly re-entered ... more

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Police arrest armed Geneva man found with stolen gun during disturbance involving 20+ people

A City of Geneva resident was taken into custody Friday evening after a disturbance involving a group of over twenty people led to the discovery of a loaded stolen handgun. The Geneva Police Department reported ... more

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Speedway worker in Canandaigua faces felony charges after theft at store

Deputies arrested a Canandaigua woman on a felony charge following an investigation at the Speedway convenience store on State Route 21. Sabrina Thompson, 23, of Canandaigua was arrested for falsifying business records after a complaint ... more

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Geneva duo charged with child endangerment after residence found to be ‘severely unfit’ for kids by CPS

Police say two people were arrested in the city of Geneva after an investigation involving city police and child protective services. Aisha Elliot, 39, and Michael Elliot, 39, both of Geneva were arrested on four ... more

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Geneva man faces two felony charges after violating court order

Police arrested a 29-year-old Geneva man following an investigation into a violated court order. Kieran Jackson, 29, of Geneva was charged with two count sof aggravated family offense, felonies, after an investigation into a court ... more

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Canandaigua woman charged with grand larceny after stealing bank card

Police arrested a Canandaigua resident following a theft and subsequent investigation in the city. According to police, 33-year-old Allyson Gale was arrested for grand larceny. The charge stems from an incident where she stole a ... more

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Cornell University responds to Antisemitic threats targeting Jewish center

Cornell University President Martha E. Pollack has reported that the Cornell Police Department is actively investigating antisemitic threats made online against the university's Jewish community. These threats specifically mentioned 104 West, which houses the Center ... more

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Rochester man arrested after bank fraud investigation in Canandaigua

Police arrested a Rochester resident following a bank fraud investigation in Canandaigua. Ian Samson, 32, of Rochester was arrested for criminal possession fo a forged instrument. He's accused of going to Canandaigua to cash a ... more

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