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Beneath the shelter of century-old live oaks lies the Lowcountry's best-kept secret.

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Palmetto Bluff: Residence or Retreat? For anyone who’s made their home here, the answer is a resounding “Both!” The distinctive estates, homes, cottages, and homesites available at the Bluff are matched only by the wealth of activities enjoyed across its storied terrain. Our resort-inspired lifestyle comes courtesy of acclaimed golf, waterway adventures, fitness pursuits, divine dining, hiking, biking, hunting, fishing, and legendary social events. And the extraordinary land here is the platform for Palmetto Bluff’s higher purpose: to allow people to experience the magic of the Lowcountry in its ultimate form.

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Life at Palmetto Bluff is defined by the passions of its residents. Hear Palmetto Bluff residents Amy and Scott share their personal journey, from the moment they set foot in the Bluff to selecting their perfect homesite and building their dream home on the Inland Waterway. It is a tale of love at first sight, the warmth of community, and the unparalleled beauty of the South Carolina Lowcountry.

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The Grove

The Grove, Palmetto Bluff’s newest built-for-sale enclave in the Moreland Forest neighborhood, is a celebration of curated style and courtyard living. Here, getting out into nature is as easy as opening your door and as quickly as a quiet walk along a lush, tree-covered trail. With twelve homesites and three homeplans, there are endless opportunities for ease and enjoyment.

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Moreland Forest

Everyday adventure accompanies life beneath the ancient tree canopies of Moreland Forest. Created to fully capitalize on the Bluff’s 7.5-mile Inland Waterway and preserved wetlands, the community pairs extraordinary natural beauty with easy access to Moreland Village. There, just steps from your door, you’ll enjoy a host of acclaimed amenities and the classic, southern dining, unique to the Lowcountry.

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River Road

An extension of Wilson Village, the River Road neighborhood continues the established character of Wilson while also being adjacent to the 120-acre River Road Preserve. More classic, period details give the architecture a slightly more formal feel in this neighborhood. Known as the Garden District of Palmetto Bluff, the River Road neighborhood was thoughtfully designed to incorporate community green spaces, staying true to the South Carolina Lowcountry landscape and integrating the natural environment into the neighborhood.

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Moreland Village

Moreland Village is the perfect home base for exploring the South Carolina Lowcountry. Here, forest, marsh and waterway meet to create a distinctive natural environment. You can walk the live oak trails, kayak, paddleboard or fly-fish in the river. Then gather with family and friends for an evening Lowcountry boil under the stars.

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Wilson Village

The village of Wilson represents the culmination of years of study and research into the small coastal towns of the South and the characteristics that made them distinct. Wilson Village offers a wide range of experiences, river access and activities, a gourmet market and signature shops and restaurants all open to the public and within easy walking distance of the Village Green.

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AHomesiteFor Every View

The homesites available across the Bluff are as varied and unique as the Lowcountry landscapes they adorn. From waterside placement along the May River or our sparkling Inland Waterway to lush, forested interior sites, there’s a spot on the Bluff to suit every discerning resident. Our Country neighborhoods are defined by expansive homesites, ensuring privacy and respite for homeowners while our Town neighborhoods celebrate close-knit community ties and prime proximity to club amenities.

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Artistry in the architecture defines every Palmetto Bluff Builders’ home. Boasting both superior quality and dazzling detailing, our dedicated local architects and craftsmen understand the Lowcountry’s myriad of landscapes and the ideal home to complement each one. Our innovative built-for-sale process ensures that the ownership experience is expedient, effortless, and frustration-free.

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Real Estate Company Team Bios

Meetthe Palmetto Bluff real estate team

Each of our Sales Executives boasts a deep understanding of the Palmetto Bluff community and the enchantment its lifestyle affords. For over two decades, we’ve been the only real estate presence here and we take great pride in focusing exclusively on the incomparable real estate offerings of the Bluff.

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Life AtThe Club

Members of the Palmetto Bluff Club enjoy a host of first-in-class amenities celebrating every passion. Whether you’re a golfer, a gourmand, a fitness buff, a tennis fan, a hiker or horseman, biker or bowler, you’ll find like-minded members throughout the Club. Set along the Bluff’s lush, magnificent landscapes, venues including Wilson Lawn & Racquet Club, the May River Golf Course, Longfield Stables, and Cole's celebrate the sporting and social camaraderie inherent to the Club lifestyle.

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Come See Us

Palmetto Bluff Real Estate Company takes great pride in representing this magnificent community as the only on-property sales office in Palmetto Bluff. Located in the heart of Wilson Village, our experienced sales associates are here to help you whether you are buying or selling at the Bluff. We welcome your visit. Our door is always open.

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Live - Palmetto Bluff (2024)


Why is Palmetto Bluff so expensive? ›

Palmetto Bluff continues to captivate prospective homeowners with its unparalleled blend of natural beauty and luxury amenities. Over the years, the community has witnessed a remarkable appreciation in property values, with average resale home prices soaring by over $1.11 million since 2019.

What celebrities go to montage Palmetto Bluff? ›

The inn has become a favorite for celebrities seeking a romantic getaway; Chris Pratt treated his wife Katherine Schwarzenegger to a birthday trip there, while Hailey and Justin Bieber hosted their lavish nuptials at the resort last fall.

Is Palmetto Bluff a good place to live? ›

Palmetto Bluff South Carolina could be considered a benchmark in Lowcountry living as one of the finest best master planned communities in Southeast. The gated community combines privacy with comprehensive amenities near Hilton Head Island.

Is it expensive to live in Bluffton, SC? ›

According to C2ER (the Council for Community and Economic Research), the cost of living in Bluffton is estimated to be 105.1% of the national average making it an average US city.

How much is a Palmetto Bluff membership? ›

The club's required annual fees are two-pronged with a POA fee plus a mandatory base club fee. This year the annual base club dues are $6,695, raised about 36% from $4,895 last year.

What are the hoa fees at Palmetto Bluff? ›

POA Fees|HOA Fees by Community
Moss Creek – Lots$6,228
Oldfield – Lots$10,744
Palmetto Bluff – Homes & Lots$12,073
Palmetto Point Townes – Homes$1,038
72 more rows

What celebrities got married at Palmetto Bluff? ›

Justin and Hailey Bieber (née Baldwin) first married at a New York City courthouse in 2018. Their second wedding — a splashy and celebrity-filled main event that reportedly cost $500,000 — took place at South Carolina's Forbes Five-Star Montage Palmetto Bluff hotel in 2019.

How much does it cost to join the Palmetto Bluff Shooting Club? ›

One of the more unique offerings at the Montage is practicing your skill at the Palmetto Bluff Shooting Club. For $252, you can try the five-stand sporting clays experience; reservations are required. The shooting club also has an archery air rifle option for $66 per person.

Where did Justin Bieber get married in SC? ›

The pair all-but booked out the Montage Palmetto Bluff hotel, which is located in South Carolina, in the USA. Among the hotel's many facilities, we're sure that the pair were drawn to the fact that it has an on-site chapel - the Somerset Chapel - where the couple exchanged vows.

What is the richest part of Columbia South Carolina? ›

Most Expensive Columbia Area Neighborhoods
  • Heathwood West / Historic Heathwood.
  • Kilbourne Park.
  • Wales Garden.
  • Old Shandon.
  • Oakbrook Village.
  • Forest Hills.
  • N Lake Dr / Berl Mar Rd.
  • Meadowfield.

How many people live in Palmetto Bluff? ›

Overview for Palmetto Bluff, SC

919 people live in Palmetto Bluff, where the median age is 51 and the average individual income is $74,152. Data provided by the U.S. Census Bureau.

Does Palmetto Bluff have a marina? ›

Providing guests with the beauty and active lifestyle that Palmetto Bluff has to offer, the resort encompasses an extensive nature preserve, two picturesque villages featuring Southern-inspired dining options, a riverfront marina and a Jack Nicklaus Signature Golf Course.

What is the most affluent town in South Carolina? ›

Kiawah Island

The richest city in South Carolina is none other than the resort town on Kiawah Island. Between the resort, golf courses, and ocean who wouldn't want to call Kiawah home?

Is Palmetto Bluff gated? ›

Palmetto Bluff - SC Private Gated Club Community | Water View Home.

Where do you fly into for Palmetto Bluff? ›

Reaching the Bluff by plane

The Savannah/Hilton Head International Airport (SAV) is home to several major airlines offering flights (35 direct) to and from various United States cities. The airport is 24 miles from Palmetto Bluff (approximately 40 minutes by car.)

How much does it cost to build in Palmetto Bluff? ›

The cost to build, based only on heated and cooled space (4800 -wrongly assuming everything else can be built for free) is $253 per square foot. The charm in this climate is as much about the outside spaces as it is about the internal ones.

Who is the new owner of Palmetto Bluff? ›

Henderson Park and South Street Partners acquire Palmetto Bluff Montage Hotel and Resort.

Do you need a pass to get into Palmetto Bluff? ›

The answer is no. There's a guard gate at the one driveable entrance into Palmetto Bluff, and you'll need to have a pass to get in. If you're renting or staying at a property within Palmetto Bluff, you'll receive a pass for the length of your stay that will allow you through the guard gate as you come and go.

How many houses are in Palmetto Bluff? ›

Palmetto Bluff is a residential, private club, and resort community comprising 20,000 acres in the heart of the South Carolina Lowcountry. Palmetto Bluff has a total of 4,000 entitled homesites and has sold more than $2.5 billion in real estate to date.


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